Sarah Silverman Delivers Gut-wrenching Monologue on Louis C. K.

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Sarah Silverman Comments on Sexual Harassment | I Love You, America
Sarah Silverman Comments on Sexual HarassmentCredit: Screen grab

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman added her voice over the weekend to the ongoing sexual assault scandals rocking Hollywood. Silverman addressed the difficulties in having to confront the fact that one of her longest friends in comedy, Louis C. K., had sexually harassed mulitple women.

"I wish I could sit this one out," Silverman began in the emotional monologue on her show "I Love You, America."

"But then I remembered something I said on this very show: that if it's mentionable, it's manageable. So I'm going to address the elephant masturbating in the room."

Sarah Silverman Comments on Sexual HarassmentCredit: I Love You, America

"This recent calling out of sexual assault has been a long time coming. It's good. It's like cutting out tumors — it's messy and it's complicated and it is gonna hurt, but it's necessary and we'll all be healthier for it," continued Silverman.

"I love Louie. But Louie did these things," Silverman says. "Both of those statements are true. So, I just keep asking myself, can you love someone who did bad things? Can you still love them? I can mull that over later, certainly, because the only people that matter right now are the victims. They are victims, and they're victims because of something he did."