Roger Waters Releases Song Bashing Trump for Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital

Called 'The Penultimate Speech of the Red Indian to the White Man', the song features verses written by Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish

Itamar Zohar
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FILE PHOTO: Roger Waters performs at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California,  June 20, 2017.
FILE PHOTO: Roger Waters performs at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, June 20, 2017.Credit: KEVIN WINTER/AFP
Itamar Zohar

Former Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters released a new song on Tuesday in which he swats at U.S. President Donald Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Rolling Stone Magazine revealed. The song, called "The Penultimate Speech of the 'Red Indian' to the White Man," features verses written by Mahmoud Darwish, who is considered to be the Palestinian national poet. Waters is accompanied by the Joubran trio of oud players from Nazareth.

"On the surface, it narrates the last speech of the Native American to the white man, but it speaks also to Darwish's beloved Palestine and its indigenous people," Waters said in a statement, adding that it is relevant to "all victims of settler colonialism everywhere, always."

Trio Joubran and Waters recorded the song in Paris and London after Trump's declaration last December, according to Rolling Stone. They added that the video was released to mark the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian "Nakba," when more than 700,000 Arabs fled or were expelled from their homes during the 1947-49 Israeli War of Independence.

"We have been touring the world with our ouds for the past 15 years, taking with us – from city to city – a bit of Palestine," the band said in a joint statement released by Rolling Stone. "We honor the struggles of indigenous peoples across the globe, and through our art, affirm that the relationship between people, culture and their homeland survives history."

Waters had been with the popular pop group Pink Floyd until 1985 and in recent years has become active in promoting a boycott of Israel. Among the artists he tried but failed to persuade to eschew concerts in Israel were Radiohead and Nick Cave.