Photo of Muslim, Jewish Kids Protesting Trump's Immigration Policy Goes Viral

The picture, taken by a Chicago Tribune photographer at O'Hare airport, has taken Twitter by storm.

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Amid the many photos of protests at American airports since last Friday's announcement by U.S. President Donald Trump of curbs on immigration from seven Muslim countries, a picture that a Chicago Tribune photographer took Monday at Chicago's O'Hare airport has gone viral.  

Taken by Nuccio DiNuzzo, it shows a girl wearing a Muslim hijab headscarf and a Jewish boy wearing a skullcap. They are sitting on their fathers' shoulders holding protest signs. People have praised the universality of the photos message, the Time Magazine website reported..

For his part, DiNuzzo, who has worked for the Chicago Tribune for 25 years, said: "I think that the picture speaks for itself."

"It makes people feel good," DiNuzzo told Time. "It’s affecting people emotionally."

As of Thursday afternoon Israel time, the Twitter version of the picture had been retweeted 13,000 times and attracted 21,000 likes.