Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer's Tips for Writing About Jews Revealed

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Daily Stormer Homepage Screenshot
Daily Stormer Homepage ScreenshotCredit: Screenshot: Daily Stormer Homepage

Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer is quite the stickler for how its writers abuse Jews it turns out – though the basic message is to blame the Jews for everything.

This has emerged after the Huffington Post revealed details of the racist website's 17-page style guide for writers and budding scribes.

The Daily Stormer takes its name from Der Stürmer, a newspaper that published Nazi propaganda from 1923 until the end of World War II. The site includes sections called “Jewish Problem” and “Race War.”

The website was launched in 2013 by avowed white supremacist and blogger Andrew Anglin, and the style guide is apparently penned by Anglin himself. (He also offers tips on how to write in his "style" for those using his byline.)

The guide declares that the "prime directive" for site writers is to "always blame the Jews for everything."

"As Hitler says, people will become confused and disheartened if they feel there are multiple enemies. As such, all enemies should be combined into one enemy, which is the Jews," the style guide states, according to the HuffPost. "This is pretty much objectively true anyway, but we want to leave out any and all nuance."

The guide continues, "This basically includes blaming Jews for the behavior of other nonwhites. Of course it should not be that they are innocent, but the message should always be that if we didn't have the Jews, we could figure out how to deal with nonwhites very easily."

"The same deal with women. Women should be attacked, but there should always be mention that if it wasn't for the Jews, they would be acting normally," it notes.

The Daily Stormer creator Andrew Anglin.Credit: Wiki Commons, BFG101

While informing writers that "the tone of the site should be light" and "the unindoctrinated should not be able to tell if we are joking or not,"  Anglin goes on to reassure them that he is not joking. "This is obviously a ploy and I actually do want to gas kikes," he declares.

The style guide also clarifies what racial slurs are "allowed and advisable" for use on the website. A list of 18 epithets are detailed, including "kike," "yid," "sheeny" and "Christ-killer" for Jews.  Offensive terms listed for other ethnic groups include "monkey" or "ape," for blacks, "wetback" and "beaner" for Mexicans or those of Mexican descent and "zipperhead" for Asians or people of Asian descent. 

Women also get a subsection of accepted slurs (including "harlot" and "trollop"), but with the provision that "whenever writing about women, make sure to follow the prime directive and blame Jew feminism for their behavior."

The site's modus operandi is also detailed. "Though we do mean to keep readers who are in the know informed and entertained, it should always be considered that the target audience is people who are just becoming aware of this type of thinking."

"The goal is to continually repeat the same points, over and over and over and over again. The reader is at first drawn in by curiosity or the naughty humor, and is slowly awakened to reality by repeatedly reading the same points. We are able to keep these points fresh by applying them to current events," the guide states. 

The style guide also serves as a reading guide for potential writers.

"The basic propaganda doctrine of the site is based on Hitler's doctrine of war propaganda outlined in 'Mein Kampf,' Volume I, Chapter VI. If you have not read this, please do so immediately."

Anglin also reiterates over and over and over again that writers should never, ever go soft on the Jewish people as the root cause of everything bad. "What should be completely avoided is the sometimes mentioned idea that 'even if we got rid of the Jews, we would still have all these other problems.' The Jews should always be the beginning and the end of every problem, from poverty to poor family dynamics to war to the destruction of the rainforest."

The guide also offers an insight into the Daily Stormer's trolling. "If you're writing about some enemy Jew/feminist/etc., link their social media accounts. Twitter especially," it writes. "We've gotten press attention before when I didn't even call for someone to be trolled but just linked them and people went and did it."

Still, at least these racist writers can't be accused of being in it for the money. The style guide reveals that contributors get the grand total of $14.88 per article, which is apparently a "common shibboleth among white supremacists."

Presumably they'll be blaming the Jews for their low paychecks.

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