Nazi Symbols Found Scrawled on Synagogue in Northern Michigan

Locals helped clean up the graffiti of swastikas and the symbol of Nazi organizations that were spray-painted on the synagogue

Officials say graffiti that included Nazi symbols was found spray painted on a synagogue in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

David Holden, president of Temple Jacob in Hancock, says the graffiti was discovered Saturday by someone who noticed the vandalism and called police. The Daily Mining Gazette reports swastikas were spray-painted on the synagogue, as well as the symbol of the SS, a Nazi paramilitary organization.

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Holden says nothing was damaged inside the synagogue. Police are investigating.

The newspaper reports people came by the same day the damage was reported to help clean off the graffiti. Holden says that response was "really remarkable."

The vandalism was noticed on the same day as the annual Parade of Nations, a communitywide event that includes a parade and a multicultural festival.