Media Needs to Stop Using 'Alt-right' Label and Just Call Them 'Nazis,' Blasts Seth Meyers

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Hey! A Message to Media Normalizing the Alt-Right
Hey! A Message to Media Normalizing the Alt-RightCredit: Screen grab

Seth Meyers ripped into American media this week for its continuing coverage of Richard Spencer and the alt-right movement, inisting that the media is giving white supremacists a free pass. "The media seems to be bending over backwards to normalize the so-called alt-right movement,” said the late night host.

Meyer's went on the rip into CNN for its coverage of the recent Austrian elections. “Hey! Media! What are you doing? How do you confuse hipsters with Nazis? Nazis like to invade other people’s territory and turn it into a utopia for the white race, whereas hipsters” Meyer's stopped short before confessing the media might have found a similarity.  

Meyers continued to go through a slew of recent headlines including one in the LA Times he insisted used Richard Spencer's "Tinder photo," mocking the newspaper for glamourizing the white nationalist leader. He also ripped the Atlantic for their recent article titled, "Are Jews White?" Turning it into a joke Meyer's quipped, “I don’t know, do they subscribe to The Atlantic?”

"This is America! And if we’ve ever done anything we can all be proud of, it was defeating the Nazis,” he continued. “Get your shit together, media! Calling Nazis and white supremacists the alt-right is like calling O.J. Simpson a cutlery enthusiast.”

Credit: Late Night with Seth Meyers