Maxine Waters Responds to Death Threats: 'You Better Shoot Straight'

Waters has called for supporters to 'push back' on members of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet in public settings

Congresswoman Maxine Waters during a national day of action called "Keep Families Together" to protest the Trump administration's "Zero Tolerance" policy in Los Angeles, California, U.S. June 30, 2018
REUTERS/Monica Almeida

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who regularly spars in the media with U.S. President Donald Trump, addressed a series of recent death threats while speaking at a rally on Saturday. Water, a Democrat who represents part of Los Angeles Country told supporters that any would-be assassins had "better shoot straight."

“I know that there are those who are talking about censuring me, talking about kicking me out of Congress, talking about shooting me, talking about hanging me,” Waters told the crowd in Los Angeles.

“All I have to say is this, if you shoot me you better shoot straight, there’s nothing like a wounded animal,” she added.

Waters canceled two events in Alabama and Texas this week after a “very serious death threat.”

Last week, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus is defended  Waters for telling an audience to “push back” on members of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet in public settings.

Waters’ remarks came the same week that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen left a different restaurant after protesters began shouting at her.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday that Waters should apologize.

But Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond says it’s clear Waters didn’t incite violence and instead was encouraging Americans to exercise their constitutional rights to speak out against separating immigrant children from their parents.

Richmond says Trump often says something that “makes this country more dangerous” for minorities.

He says, “Where is the national conversation on civility in these moments?”