Maher and Coulter Get Into Heated Debate – Even After Coulter Jokes 'I’m a Very Stupid Girl'

'They built a wall to stop suicide bombers,' Maher replied to Coulter, citing Israel as a place where walls work. 'My gardener has never tried to blow me up!'

Maher and Coulter get into heated debate on Trump, walls and even Netanyahu
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HBO’s late-night political satirist Bill Maher got into a bit of a shouting match Friday night with right-wing pundit Ann Coulter. Maher had been booed by his audience at the end of the previous week’s episode when he announced he had booked Coulter – setting the stage for Maher to take a tough line with already controversial Coulter.

The interview started off light, with Coulter admitting that after U.S. President Donald Trump gave into the Democrats to end the shutdown without securing funding for his border wall, that, “OK, I’m a very stupid girl, fine.”

“You’re being played,” she told Maher’s audience as the two debated the merits of immigration. “To have everybody keep acting like this is some sort of racist thing. Working-class wages have gone down, middle-class wages have been stagnant, it’s great for the rich … bad for people who work.”

But then the two began talking over each other as things got heated while discussing the border wall.

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“It’s all of mass immigration, it’s our legal immigration, it’s no E-Verify. The wall is a big part of that, and you’re being played to have everyone keep acting like this is some racist thing,” claimed Coulter.

Maher retorted that the wall won’t stop illegal immigration, to which Coulter shot back, “If you say walls don’t work, tell Netanyahu!" Maher tried to interject, but Coulter continued shouting, "They built a wall and immigration went to zero."

"They built a wall to stop suicide bombers," Maher replied. "My gardener has never tried to blow me up!"

Coulter using Israel as an example of where walls work is repeating a largely debunked and confused claim pushed by pro-Trump figures in the U.S. media and by Trump himself. The wall most often referred to is apparently the West Bank separation barrier, but in fact it is the southern wall on the Israel-Egypt border that has reduced African migration to Israel. 

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“All of you are being screwed!” Coulter shouted, offering some final thoughts, “By the way, cheap labor has not been so bad for me. … My landscaping is beautiful, there is not a bit of slime on my pool. It’s good for me, but I care about my fellow Americans and the working class.”