LISTEN: This Is One of the Bomb Threats Allegedly Made by Israeli-American Teen Against Jewish Centers

Recording obtained of a bomb threat made to a Jewish Community Center in January

Brighton Police Chief Mark Henderson talks to reporters after a press briefing after a bomb threat was reported at the Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester in Brighton, N.Y on March 7, 2017

On Thursday, Israel's cyberattack unit arrested an Israeli-American teen for allegedly making bomb threats against a number of Jewish institutions across the world.

A recording obtained by JTA of one of the bomb threats made in January is allegedly by the youth detained in Israel as part of a string of threats made against Jewish community centers across the U.S.

The brief call, from January 18, sounds like it was made using voice-disguising technology that protects the caller’s identity. Audio of the call and a transcript are below.


It’s a C-4 bomb with a lot of shrapnel, surrounded by a bag (inaudible). In a short time, a large number of Jews are going to be slaughtered. Their heads are going to [sic] blown off from the shrapnel. There’s a lot of shrapnel. There’s going to be a bloodbath that’s going to take place in a short time. I think I told you enough. I must go.