Late Night With Melania Trump: Coat-gate Explained

Despite the confusion surrounding the meaning behind Melania Trump's choice of jacket, Stephen Colbert from the 'Late Show' has managed to get an exclusive interview with a very special version of Mrs Trump

Image from the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert"
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Comedian Stephen Colbert, host of the "Late Show," got to the bottom of Melania Trump's jacket incident, or "coat-gate" - as it has become known.

While traveling to a detention center in Texas, where migrant children are being held, she donned a green jacket from Zara, with the words "I Really Don't Care, Do U?" on the back. This caused widespread confusion and backlash as no one could decipher the ever-elusive Melania's message.

Despite the first lady's spokesperson asserting that there was no hidden message, many still remain unconvinced. Colbert mused: "Is Melania Trump an innocent bystander trapped in a White House she does not agree with? Or is she actively supporting her husband's cruelest policies?"   

U.S. first lady Melania Trump walks from her plane to her motorcade wearing a Zara design jacket with the phrase "I Really Don't Care. Do U?" June 21, 201

Luckily, Colbert had direct access to the source of the confusion, the first lady herself - played by Laura Benanti. The jacket wasn't her idea, she said. "It was picked out by my personal stylist, Stephen Miller," proclaimed Melania. Miller apparently also suggested to wear a pair of red and white armbands, with some windmills on them.

She showed Colbert a variety of different message-based items, before Colbert interrupts her again - "Madame first lady," he starts, "I'm starting think your clothes are a purposeful distraction from the heartbreaking images we've seen from the detention centers ...." "No, no, no, don't look at those pictures!" she yelled, taking out a scarf calling for murdering penguins.  Her final jacket, however, gives us real insight into her thoughts...