Great Walls and Lasting Peach: Late Night Hosts Roast Trump's Israeli Visit

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A Screenshot from Jimmy Kimmel's monologue about Trump's visit to Israel
A Screenshot from Jimmy Kimmel's monologue about Trump's visit to IsraelCredit: Screenshot/YouTube

The American media took U.S. President Donald Trump’s first overseas trip as the historic milestone that it was – and a great opportunity to make even more jokes about Trump and his administration.

Every late night talk show host binged on jokes about the Middle East visit at Trump’s expense, including calls to quickly change the law and not let anyone back into the United States who had recently visited a Muslim country.

On the Late Show on CBS, Stephen Colbert said he was breathing a bit easier and had a little extra pep in his step because Trump had left the country. “Federal judges," he said, "now would be a good time to reinstate that travel ban. He’ll be flying in from a dangerous part of the world, he’s said some radical stuff, I’m just saying. Extreme vetting — that’s all I’m asking for,” he told his audience.

Trump’s visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem was a favorite topic, with Colbert saying that Trump had been wondering how Israel had gotten Mexico to pay for it, while Jimmy Kimmel went after the White House’s typo about reaching a “lasting peach” between Israel and the Palestinians.

“I guess it was supposed to be peace, but who knows, the president’s got a lot of fruit on his plate. He’s trying to make peach in the Middle East, he’s still got sour grapes about the election and every morning he still goes bananas on Twitter!” joked Kimmel.

Seth Meyers on NBC’s Late Night show made fun of Trump for saying he had just gotten back from the Middle East – when he was still in Israel:  “No wonder he thought Middle East peace was so easy. He wasn’t accounting for Israel,” followed by his Trump impersonation: “I had a great weekend. We achieved peace between the Saudis and the Arabians.”

Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show thought the telling moment came when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave Trump a 150-year-old Bible, and Trump just signed the copy and gave it back. 

The glowing orb from the Saudi leg of his visit was another favorite meme, along with his sword dance, with Colbert saying that the men dancing with Trump in the white robes were not the ones his senior adviser Steve Bannon was used to. As was the hand slap from his wife Melania, which went viral.

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