Jon Stewart Returns to the 'Daily Show' as a Particularly Nasally 'Bernie Bernstein'

'You don’t need anti-Semitism to come onto the show, Jon,' Noah joked to Stewart. 'You could have just asked!'

“Bernie Bernstein” stops by to raise awareness for autism programs and Night of Too Many Stars.
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On the latest episode of the "Daily Show," host Trevor Noah mocked the robocall in Alabama, which had a fake Washington Post reporter, “Bernie Bernstein,” offering money for anyone who would come forward with allegations against embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore as ploy to discredit the six women accusing him of sexual assualt. 

Noah was interrupted by a phone call from "Bernstein," which turned out to be none other than former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart. 

“You don’t need anti-Semitism to come onto the show, Jon,” Noah told Stewart. “You could have just asked!”

“I don’t need it, I just like it that way,” Stewart responded.

“I don’t even know what that accent was,” Noah joked. “It sounded like a guy trying to do a New York Jewish voice based on hearing a friend describe a Woody Allen movie.”

The Anti-Defemation League said the robocall, "Isn't just an ugly robocall slanderously misrepresenting the @washingtonpost. Its a #dogwhistle and we hear it loud and clear. #shameful."

Stewart was really just there to plug his upcoming HBO special and autism awareness evert, "A Night of Too Many Stars."