John Oliver's Musical Warning to Donald Trump About Vladimir Putin

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Putin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain to Donald Trump just how dangerous Russia's Vladimir Putin is. Credit: Screen grab

A week after John Oliver bought television commercials during Donald Trump's favorite shows to try and educate him, the HBO comedian is back with a song to warn Trump about the dangers of Vladimir Putin. 

"It’s a bit weird that [Trump] has been objectively nicer to Vladimir Putin than to Meryl Streep," Oliver joked Sunday night on the latest episode of "Last Week Tonight." 

Trump has repeatedly claimed it would “be nice if we got along with Russia," but Oliver points out, “It would be also be nice if you could walk right up to a bear and hug it.”

Putin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Credit: HBO

Noting that in Putin's Russia, there is a popular pop song lauding the many admirable traits of Russia's leader, Oliver decided to create his own song in the hopes of warning President Trump from getting too close to Putin without knowing the risks. 

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