John Oliver Rips Ivanka and Jared Kushner: Not Who We Think They Are

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Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, April 23, 2017.Credit: Screen grab

Ivanka and Jared Kushner were the subject of the latest episode of John Oliver's political satire program "Last Week Tonight" on Sunday.

Oliver, who has been a relentless critic of President Donald Trump, went easy on Ivanka and Jared – at first. He began by comparing them to the most famous couple in his native Britain: They are “like America’s William and Kate, except in this case both of them are attractive,” Oliver joked.

But the niceties stopped quickly. “So we should just give her credit when good stuff happens, and blame others when bad stuff happens?" asked Oliver. "That’s not a job description of a political adviser, that’s a description of an Old Testament God. And that answer there enables you to project whatever you want onto her, based on secondhand rumors and assumptions.”

Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John OliverCredit: HBO

“And look,” Oliver continued, “you may still like Ivanka – she can be appealing, and that’s frankly not by accident. She’s been trained in the art of Trump branding to be as vague and likable as possible, so that everyone can plausibly think that she shares their values – whether or not that’s actually true. And if that sounds like a harsh thing for me to say about her, I will point out that she’s basically shared that message in one of her books.”

“If Trump is thinking about pressing a button labeled ‘NUKE EARTH,’ they will – on behalf of all of us – guide his hand toward the button labeled ‘HEY MAYBE DON’T,’” Oliver said, riffing on the media commentary surrounded their moderating effect on President Trump.

Oliver ended the segment with a warning, suggesting that both Ivanka and Jared are not qualified for the positions they hold and we actually know very little about them.

“If they are the reason you are sleeping at night, you should probably still be awake,” Oliver concluded.

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