John Oliver Returns With Rip-roaring Roast of Alex Jones

John Oliver comes back with some thoughts after watching Alex Jones' 'InfoWars' for a full week

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John Oliver returns with rip-roaring roast of Alex JonesCredit: Screen grab

HBO's "Last Week Tonight" returned with a rip-roaring roast of conspiracy theorist and Trump White House favorite Alex Jones.

Host John Oliver watched Jones' show "InfoWars" for an entire week and realized after that Jones spends nearly a quarter of every episode hawking his bizarre products. Oliver ripped into Jones' “Combat One” moist toilettes that “can be used anywhere needed, including the perineal area.”

Oliver noted that the description on the "Bill Clinton rape whistle" reads, “Let Bill know you’re in the crowd and that you know the truth.” Oliver said he ordered it for $6 and it arrived with a free “9-11 Was an Inside Job” bumper sticker.

Alex Jones: Last Week Tonight with John OliverCredit: HBO

Oliver couldn't help but have a little fun at the expense of Megyn Kelly, who famously interviewed Jones for her new NBC show. He called Kelly's new program “Rationalizing Low Ratings with Megyn Kelly.”