#JewishResistance: Top 10 Photos From the Women’s Marches

Jewish activists took to the streets with hundreds of thousands of fellow anti-Trump protesters at women's marches from Oakland to Tel Aviv.

Jewish protester at the NYC women's march against Trump
Gili Getz

Jewish activists joined women’s marches across the U.S. on Saturday, protesting against U.S. President Donald J. Trump. “As Jews, we have a moral obligation, when we see injustice, to speak out. As our signs say, we were strangers in Egypt,” protester Myrna Baron told Haaretz reporter Taly Krupkin in New York. Jewish-themed signs were present at the protest in New York, Washington D.C., Portland and San Francisco. In Tel Aviv, too, hundreds of Israeli-American activists protested in solidarity.

Charlotte, North Carolina

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NYC, New York

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Oakland, California

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Portland, Oregon

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San Francisco, California

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Washington D.C.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

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