That Jewish Lawyer Moore's Wife Mentioned? He Contributed to Doug Jones' Campaign

Attempting to defend her family from charges of anti-Semitism, Kayla Moore mentioned her Jewish lawyer. But defense attorney Richard Jaffe is an 30-year-long friend and supporter of Moore's former rival, Doug Jones

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Judge Roy Moore smiles while his wife  Kayla delivers remarks during a campaign rally in Midland City, Alabama, U.S., December 11, 2017.
REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman

The Jewish lawyer referenced by Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore's wife, in an attempt to fend off allegations of anti-Semitism, is an ardent supporter of now-Alabama Senator Doug Jones, the Washington Examiner reported. Jones defeated Moore this past month in a special election.  

Kayla Moore made headlines on the eve of the election when she attempted to defend her family against charges of anti-Semitism following her husband's suggestion that Jewish billionaire George Soros was going to hell.

 "Fake news will tell you that we don't care for Jews. I tell you all this because I've seen it and also I just want to set the record straight while they're here," she said at a rally podium while presumably waving at the media professionals present. "One of our attorneys is a Jew!"

That lawyer is Richard Jaffe, an Alabama defense attorney hired in 2016 by the Moores to defend their son Caleb against drug charges. Jaffe told the Washington Examiner about his close, 30-year friendship with Doug Jones. He also both contributed and fundraised for Jones' campaign.

"There could not be a more passionate supporter of Doug than me!" Jaffe said in the report.