Juan Thompson, Suspect Behind Several Jewish Center Bomb Threats, Charged With Cyberstalking

Juan Thompson is accused of phoning in bomb threats to at least eight Jewish sites, though 100 others remain unaccounted for.

This undated photo provided by the Warren County Sheriff's Department shows Juan Thompson, of St. Louis.

Juan Thompson, the former journalist from St. Louis accused of phoning in bomb threats to eight Jewish institutions around the country, has been indicted in New York on one count of cyberstalking.

Thompson appeared Wednesday at a hearing in St. Louis during which the indictment was announced. He has been jailed in Missouri since his March 3 arrest. A New York hearing date hasn't been set.

Prosecutors allege that Thompson made threats against at least eight Jewish community centers, schools and other facilities in an effort to harass an ex-girlfriend. They say that in some cases he emailed threats using the woman's name. In others, he used his own name but asserted she was trying to falsely implicate him.

He has not entered a plea and his attorney has declined comment. Thompson, a former journalist for The Intercept who was fired for fabricating stories,  was arrested two weeks ago for the threats in an apparent attempt at harassing an ex-girlfriend.

"The white New York liberal media makes me vomit with their arrogant, patronizing, bigotry," Thompson wrote after being fired, blasting his former employer in a 5,000 word essay as the "the token negro whisperer."

Thompson also tried to run for mayor in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, but, according to Reuters, failed to attract more than a single $25 donation for his bid.

Nearly 100 more bomb threats targeting Jewish institutions remain unaccounted for, and several additional waves of threats have targeted Jewish sites throughout North America since Thompson’s arrest