'I Got #Tillersoned' Becomes Viral Meme as Twitter Users Share Bad Breakup Stories

#Tillersoned immediately began trending on Twitter as users joked about the abrupt manner in which Rex Tillerson was rumored to have found out he was fired by Donald Trump

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson looks on as he holds a joint press conference with Nigeria's Foreign Minister in Abuja, on March 12, 2018.

U.S. President Donald Trump fired U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Tuesday, saying the two had a "different mindset" on key issues and "we disagreed on things" including the international nuclear accord with Iran.

A statement by Tillerson aid Steve Goldstein led reporters to believe Tillerson found out he had been fired over Twitter - the platform Trump made the announcement on.  

Goldstein was promptly fired by the White house and conflicting reports claim that Tillerson was informed ahead of the announcement. 

"I got #Tillersoned" became a viral meme as Twitter users shared bad breakup stories and joked about the abrupt manner in which Tillerson was fired.

“#tillersoned is now a verb.,” wrote one user on Twitter. “I got #Tillersoned when my bf made out with another girl at a bar. Where I worked.  While I was on shift. At one of my tables,” joked another.

“I've never been #Tillersoned but I imagine it's probably even more hurtful when the person is an ocean away on another continent,” added another.

“I once #Tillersoned an ex by changing my Facebook status to "single."