'How a Muslim' Trends on Twitter in Atrocious Display of Islamophobia

Twitter users tweeted thousands of insulting memes directed at Islam and the perceived behavior of Muslims

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'How a Muslim': Shocking Islamophobic hashtag trending on Twitter today
'How a Muslim': Shocking Islamophobic hashtag trending on Twitter, July 2, 2017Credit: Screen grab

In a shocking display of online Islamophobia the phrase "how a Muslim" was trending early Sunday morning on Twitter in the United States. The phrase accompanied newsworthy hashtags like "Damascus," which trended as three car bombs exploded in the Syrian capital, and "Civil Rights Act," which was signed on this day in 1964.

When clicking "how a Muslim" on Twitter, a user is redirected to a page of tweets only containing that phrase. A quick look through that page reveals the barrage of Islamophobia running throughout. One tweet reads: "How a Muslim says they are fleeing their brutal country and then want to turn MY country into their brutal country. NO WAY"

Another mixes an Islamophobic message with anti-Hillary Clinton sentiments, saying, "How a Muslim slaughtered 50 people at a nightclub in Orlando. He was a registered Democrat who supported Hillary. Trump Attacks Media". 

Several tweets expressed the opposite point of view or touched on different topics. One tweet showed a car under a black cover, with the caption, "How a Muslim woman drives a car in Saudi Arabia."

While another said, "How a Muslim has to deal with small minded Islamophobes is a horrible thing. I hope the day comes soon that people will be more tolerant."