Republican Jewish Coalition Head Once Called Trump a Bigot. Last Night He Adopted the Story of Passover to Praise Him

Former Republican Senator Norm Coleman praised Trump with an adapted version of the Passover reading 'Dayenu'

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition's annual leadership meeting at The Venetian Las Vegas on April 6, 2019
Ethan Miller/Getty Images/AFP

Former Republican Senator Norm Coleman, the current chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition, was mocked on Twitter Saturday for having introduced U.S. President Donald Trump’s now controversial speech before the group.

Coleman led the audience in an adapted version of the Passover reading “Dayenu,” as he recounted what Trump had done for Israel.  “Dayenu” which roughly means "it would have sufficed" is a song of thanks found in the haggadah traditionally sung at during the Seder.

Trump addresses Republican Jewish Coalition - Las Vegas

Coleman praised Trump with a speech riffing off the song with phrases like, "Had President Trump only put two conservative Supreme Court judges...Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, we would say: DAYENU. Had President Trump only appointed Nikki Haley ambassador to the UN, sending a powerful message that we will not tolerate the UN's anti-Israel bias: DAYENU."

The Maccabeats - Dayenu - Passover

However, not everyone was amused. Prominent Jewish conservative Bill Kristol, one of the leaders of the “Never Trump” movement posted to Twitter an op-ed Coleman had written in 2016 denouncing Trump and explaining the various reasons he “won’t vote for Donald Trump.”

Coleman roasted Trump's character calling him, “A bigot. A misogynist. A fraud. A bully,” adding, “and any man who declines to renounce the affections of the KKK and David Duke should not be trusted to lead America. Ever.”

Hawaii Democrat, Senator Brian Schatz, responded the Coleman’s introduction, saying, “This is not my kind of Judaism and I suspect I’m not alone in that view.” Other pundits added the Coleman’s adaption of the song was akin to sacrilege.

The editor of the Talk Points Memo wrote on Twitter, “Yeah, I mean, this is literally sacrilegious in addition to being gross and a comically stupid,” while another user wrote, “Republican Jews have *literally* just taken one of the most well-known Jewish prayers of thanks to G-d & chanted it as a prayer of thanks to Donald Trump. this is a shande. this is a Chillul Hashem.”