Hackers Take Over neo-Nazi Daily Stormer Website - 'IN DEFENSE OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE'

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A screenshot of The Daily Stormer website taken on Monday, August 14th.
A screenshot of The Daily Stormer website taken on Monday, August 14th.Credit: Haaretz

Hackers seized control of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer after its expulsion by the web hosting company GoDaddy and put up an announcement, "HACKERS OF THE WORLD HAVE UNITED IN DEFENSE OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE," The Independent reported Monday. YourAnonNews, the primary Twitter account used by Anonymous, denied responsibility for the hack and claimed that it might be an attempt by the neo-Nazi website to "to woo their clueless base".

GoDaddy booted the white supremacist site for running a defamatory article about Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer.

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The text reportedly posted by group Anonymous after it hacked the Daily Stormer's website on August 14, 2017.Credit: Haaretz

The hackers announced their intentions of shutting down the site because of its "putrid hate."

GoDaddy is a website domain registrar serving about 17 million customers. It has taken fire for providing a platform for hate speech in recent months. Although in June, GoDaddy defended giving white-supremacist sites a "privacy service", shielding contact information from the public, on Monday it said the Daily Stormer had violated its terms of service and had 24 hours to move its domain to another provider.

The Daily Stormer is a white supremacist and American neo-Nazi website associated with the "alt-right" movement. The offending article in the Stormer, by its top editor, called Heyer a "drain on society," criticized her appearance and argued: "A 32-year-old woman without children is a burden on society."

After the website was hacked, a post appeared reading "ANONYMOUS NOW IN CONTROL OF DAILY STORMER." Your Anon News, one of the most well-known Anonymous Twitter accounts, claimed not to have confirmation that it was behind the post, adding that the Daily Stormer itself may have been behind the post.

The hacking group Anonymous is a large organization with which anyone can claim affinity, so it is impossible to definitively confirm that the group indeed seized control of the site. A prominent Anonymous Twitter account even suggested the Daily Stormer itself could have published the post as a distraction.

According to the post, hackers will allow the website to remain online for 24 hours "SO THE WORLD CAN WITNESS THE HATE" before shutting it down permanently. 

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