From Space Lasers to Jesus’ Skin Color: Marjorie Taylor Greene Trusts the Science on 'SNL'

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“Saturday Night Live’s” “Weekend Update” segment featured a special guest this weekend as Cecily Strong brought back her Marjorie Taylor Greene impression in the wake of the QAnon-affiliated congresswoman making news for hanging an anti-transgender sign aimed at a fellow congresswoman’s daughter.

Greene hung the sign outside her office which is across the hall from Illinois Democrat Marie Newman, who had put up a trangender flag in solidarity with her daughter.

“Weekend Update” host Colin Jost introduced Strong’s Greene saying, she “caused more controversy this week after she put up a sign outside the office of a congresswoman with a transgender daughter that said, ‘There are two genders, male and female. Trust the science.’”

“You know me, I’m a science person,” Greene began, stopping for a second to ask Jost if the gun in her hand was hers or his. 

“I love science. I’m always talking science, OK? Unless that science is about climate change, coronavirus, space lasers, evolution, the metric system, the rhythm method, breastfeeding, living on Mars, Jesus’ skin color or Santa’s skin color, by the way, which is white,” Greene continued.

After giving a lyrical explanation of the differences between male and female, Greene ripped into cancel culture and its apparent latest victim - Mr. Potato Head.

“Hey! Did you hear they are trying to cancel Mr. Potato Head?” Greene said. “But I’m the crazy one?”