Fox's Tucker Carlson: Why Is Congress Paying for Walls in Israel, but Not the U.S.

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Fox's Tucker Carlson: Why is Congress paying for walls in Israel, but no the U.S.
Fox's Tucker Carlson: Why is Congress paying for walls in Israel, but no the U.S.Credit: Screen grab

Fox News host Tucker Carlson sounded off on Monday night as to why the U.S. Congress should fund U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall - citing Israel as an example. Trump himself, who promised Mexico would pay for the wall, repeatedly cites Israel when arguing for the border wall.

Carlson began by arguing, “The estimated cost of a border wall is about $25 billion. That is estimated so let's say it is twice that. That is still a tiny fraction of the price of the pointless stalemate we're now waging in Afghanistan. That costs about $45 billion every year, not including the human cost. Compare that to $25 billion needed to restore sovereignty with the wall.”

Trump and Congressional Republicans are currently in a political chess match with Congressional Democrats over whether or not to shut down the government or pass an appropriations bill to keep it open without funding the wall - which Democrats are refusing to do.

Tucker: Left fears Trump wall because they know it can work

“Why is Congress happy to pay for border barriers in Jordan, Tunisia, and Israel?” asked Carlson, without citing any specific evidence.

“Nancy Pelosi says that walls are immoral, but for some reason, she is not flying to Jerusalem to lecture the Israelis about how they are wasting U.S. aid building walls that don't work. Israelis know how effective walls are, that is why they have them,” he continued.

“Israel's wall on the Egyptian border almost completely halted illegal immigration from that country. In fact, by some measures, not one person came over once they made it taller. It turns out there is a limit to the height of ladders.”

Novelist Stephen King had offered his opinion on the wall earlier in the week, something Carlson apparently didn’t see. King tweeted, “Wait a minute, wait! Wasn', Mexico going to pay for Trump's useless, just-tunnel-under-it wall?”

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