Fox News' Sean Hannity Praises Bill Maher for Claiming Hillary Clinton Obstructed Justice

'There's a lot of reasons why the Democrats lost and many of them were Hillary was a terrible candidate,' Bill Maher told CNN

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Bill Maher weighs in on Donald Trump's ongoing Twitter feud with Morning Joe cohosts. June 30, 2017.
Bill Maher discusses free speech in Trump's America, September 30, 2017Credit: Screengrab from the Real Time with Bill Maher Youtube channel

Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s late-night political satire program “Real Time,” is getting praise from an unlikely place - Fox News’ very pro-Trump Sean Hannity. Hannity is complimenting Maher for comments the HBO host made on CNN criticizing 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Hat tip to Bill Maher! He actually told the truth, a guy on the left told the straight-on truth. Go ahead. Try it yourselves. See if you delete subpoenaed e-mails, acid wash the hard drive, and bust up devices and remove SIM cards after they’re subpoenaed. Good luck to you,” Hannity said on Tuesday night.

Sean Hannity Offers Praise to Bill Maher for Clinton Obstruction Comments

Hannity was referring to a conversation Maher had Monday with CNN’S Chris Cuomo. "There's a lot of reasons why the Democrats lost and many of them were Hillary was a terrible candidate, that's absolutely true,” Maher began. "She didn't help herself [nor] the situation with the emails in terms of how she handled her answers and her actions," Cuomo replied.

"Absolutely," Maher agreed. "And she committed obstruction of justice. Now Trump, I think, did in much worse fashion, but I mean... smashing up your phones and your hard drives..."