Former U.S. Governor Says Most of Democrats' Money Comes From Jews

Former Maine governor Paul LePage says Jews should be 'absolutely insulted' by Ilhan Omar's statements, claiming they are the party's main donors

File photo: Republican Gov.  Paul LePage speaks at the Republican Convention in Augusta, Maine, May 5, 2018.
Robert F. Bukaty,AP

Former Gov. Paul LePage suggested Monday that the Democratic Party’s money comes mostly from Jewish people.

The Republican told WGAN-AM that Jewish people should be “insulted” by a Democratic congresswoman’s statements that some viewed as anti-Semitic.

“The Jewish people in America have been great supporters of the Democratic Party,” LePage said. “In fact, that’s where their money comes from for the most part. They should be absolutely insulted for what she’s been saying.”

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LePage, who has previously grabbed headlines for remarks critics deem racist, said he felt “completely vindicated from anything” he has said in light of freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota. She suggested Israel’s supporters were pushing lawmakers to take a pledge of “allegiance” to a foreign country, reviving an anti-Semitic trope of dual loyalties.

LePage said he is “skeptical” that Jewish voters would break away from Democrats.

“I think what they might do, the fundraising might get hurt a little bit,” LePage said. “But I don’t think they’re going to desert the Democratic Party.”

LePage in 2012 referred to the IRS as “the new Gestapo.” LePage later said he didn’t mean to offend the Jewish community or minimize the Holocaust.

LePage’s representatives didn’t respond to request for comment.