Former Neo-Nazi Leader Arrested in Virginia Swatting Scheme

Prosecutors say the targets of the series of phony bomb threats made by the accused include a predominantly African American church in Alexandria

Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other alt-right factions in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, 2017.
Albin Lohr-Jones / Pacific Press

Prosecutors say a former neo-Nazi leader in Texas has been arrested and charged with a series phony bomb threats made in Virginia.

Twenty-six-year-old John C. Denton of Montgomery, Texas, was arrested Wednesday and charged related to his alleged role in a conspiracy that conducted multiple swatting events. He faces an initial appearance Wednesday afternoon in federal court in Houston.

Prosecutors in Alexandria say the targets of the bogus bomb threats included a predominantly African American church in Alexandria, an unidentified Cabinet official living in northern Virginia, and Old Dominion University in Norfolk.

Denton has been identified as a former leader of a group called Atomwaffen Division, which has been linked to multiple killings. Authorities say the group is seeking to incite a race war.

He is one of several alleged Atomwaffen members to face federal charges in recent months and is the second person charged in Alexandria in relation to the swatting calls in Virginia.