Far-right Jewish American Barred From Uber After Islamophobic Tweets

Laura Loomer took to Twitter to attack Muslim Uber drivers and New Yorkers wearing hijabs - and even others in the far right couldn't condone her hateful tweets

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Laura Loomer barred from Uber after Islamophobic tweets
Laura Loomer barred from Uber after Islamophobic tweets Credit: Twitter

Laura Loomer, a Jewish far-right Twitter personality, has been banned from ride-sharing apps Uber and Lyft after posting Islamophobic tweets in the aftermath of the NYC Terror attack on Tuesday, Gizmodo reported.

Her tweets attacked Muslim New Yorkers for walking the streets while wearing hijabs, as well as Uber drivers who she assumed were Muslim. In a statement, Uber said that Loomer was "banned for violating our Community Guidelines." The ride-sharing app Lyft soon banned her as well, the web site reported.

Loomer, a reporter known for protesting an anti-Trump production of Julius Caeser, was on her way to the NYPD press conference regarding the terror attack when she attempted to hail an Uber. Her complaint on Twitter said that it took her 30 minutes to get a car with a non-Muslim driver, though Uber does not mention the religion of their drivers in the app.

The tweet that of Muslim New Yorkers wearing hijabs said they were "rubbing in" their religion by outwardly displaying their beliefs after the terrorist attack.

Loomer's tweets elicited negative reactions from other far-right twitter personalities. Joey Salads, known for wearing Nazi armbands to Trump rallies, replied to her with a tweet that began "Relax Laura." Lauren Southern, a far-right writer, first tweeted a GIF of a face palm in response - a flippant internet symbol demonstrating exhaustion.

In the ensuing twitter thread, Southern said "I don't like Islam - but I'm not going to pretend two girls walking in the street is them 'loving' a terrorist attack. That's insane."

Loomer is not the first far-right activist to be banned from ride sharing services after displays of blatant racism. Uber barred 'Baked Alaska', the far-right activist Tim Gionet, from the app after a racially-charged altercation during the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, North Carolina earlier this year. He and his co-passengers allegedly made racially-charged remarks to the black driver, who then kicked them out of her car.  

In response to being barred from Uber, Loomer said she is already suing the company for not responding properly to charges of rape and anti-Semitism.

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