Eminem Slams Trump as 'Racist,' Tells Fans You Must Choose Between Me or Him

'Racism is the only thing that he's fantastic for'

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Rapper Eminem derided U.S. President Donald Trump as a racist and a reckless leader in a rap video that aired on Tuesday night during the Black Entertainment Television Hip Hop Awards.

Eminem told his fans in the four-minute unaccompanied vocal they must choose whether to support him or the president. "Racism is the only thing that he's fantastic for," Eminem rapped in the video that was taped on Friday in a Detroit parking garage.

Eminem rebukes 'racist' Donald Trump in awards show rapCredit: Haaretz/Reuters

Trump has previously dismissed accusations of racism. For example, he said in February he is "the least racist person." Representatives for the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment about Eminem's rap, which was one of the most watched videos on YouTube early on Wednesday.