Dershowitz Celebrates Ellison's Defeat: Victory Against anti-Semitism

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Alan Dershowitz reacts after Perez is named new DNC chair
Alan Dershowitz reacts on 'Fox and Friends' after Perez is named new DNC chair. February 26, 2017.Credit: Screen grab

Harvard professor and renowned lawyer Alan Dershowitz discussed Keith Ellison’s loss of DNC chair to Tom Perez Sunday on “Fox and Friends.” Dershowitz, who had been a fierce critic of Ellison during the race, had harsh words for the Democratic Party for voting Ellison in as Deputy DNC chairman immediately after Perez’s win.   

“I'm staying in the party because Ellison was defeated and the Ellison defeat is a victory in the war against bigotry, anti-Semitism, the anti-Israel push of the hard left within the Democratic party," Dershowitz said.

“It's because of his history of anti-Semitism, his close connection to Farrakhan, his abandonment of Israel. He voted against the Iron Dome. Can you imagine any reasonable person voting against a missile system designed to protect innocent civilians against terrorist rocket attacks?” Continued Dershowitz.

Alan Dershowitz reacts after Perez is named new DNC chairCredit: Fox News

Dershowitz offered advice for the Democratic Party moving forward, suggesting the party move to the center and abandon the far-left. “They have to win in the center of the country. They do not have to try to attract the Jill Stein Green Party voters. Those people, those extremists, will never vote for a liberal Democrat because no one will ever be far enough left for them,” concluded Dershowitz.

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