David Duke, ex-KKK Grand Wizard, Thanks Trump for 'Condemning Leftist Terrorists'

Duke thanks Trump for his 'honesty and courage to tell the truth about Charlottesville' after reiterating that 'many sides' were to blame for violence

David Duke, former KKK leader, with white supremacist protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, August 13, 2017.
Shaban Athuman/AP

David Duke, the former KKK leader and outspoken white supremacist, on Wednesday thanked U.S. President Donald Trump for repeating earlier claims that the far-left held equal blame for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Duke tweeted thanks to Trump for his "honesty and courage to tell the truth about Charlottesville and condemn the leftist terrorists."

Trump was roundly criticized on Tuesday for reiterating his initial remarks that there was "blame on many sides." "What about the alt-left? Do they have any semblance of guilt?" He later said that "they came at each other with clubs ... it was a horrible thing to watch."

One counter-protester was killed and dozens injured in a day of violence when hundreds of right-wing protesters took to the streets against the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee, commander of the pro-slavery Confederate army in the U.S. Civil War. "Not all protesters were neo-Nazis," the president said. "Some were there to protest the taking down of a Confederate statue."

Trump's remarks drew a barrage of angry reactions from leading Jewish American organizations and political figures who denounced the president for his remarks.