Colbert, in Swipe at Kellyanne Conway, Tries to Talk to Obama Through the Microwave

'President Obama, I miss you,' Colbert whispered into a hot pocket, joking about Donald Trump's claim that Obama wiretapped him during the election.

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Stephen Reaches Out To President Obama Via Microwave
Stephen reaches out to President Obama via a microwave on the latest episode of the 'The Late Show.' March 13, 2017.Credit: Screen grab

Stephen Colbert ripped in White House Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway Monday night for her remarks suggesting President Obama may have used "microwaves that turn into cameras" to wiretap Donald Trump while he was running for president.

"It's true, it's true, microwaves that turn into cameras. How do you think we film this show? Jim, show them camera three," quipped the "Late Show" host.

Colbert went on to skewer Conway for saying she was no "Inspector Gadget" in an interview trying to downplay her comments.

Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

"Okay, Inspector Gadget had all sorts of tools at his disposal, gadget skates, gadget 'copter," Colbert joke. "Kellyanne Conway has only one move: 'go, go alternative facts.' " 

Colbert went on to try and speack to Obama through the microwave, “President Obama, I miss you,” Colbert whispered into a hot pocket. 

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