CNN's Acosta Spars With White House's Sanders Over Trump Claim That 'Democrats Hate Jewish People'

'You’re saying something that’s just patently untrue,' Acosta said. 'Democrats don’t hate Jewish people. That’s just silly. It’s not true.'

CNN's Acosta in heated exchange with White House's Sanders over Trump comments
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White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and CNN’s Jim Acosta sparred Monday over U.S. President Donald Trump telling Republican donors on Sunday that “Democrats hate Jews.”

“Democrats have had a number of opportunities to condemn specific comments and have refused to do that,” Sanders said during the first White House press briefing in 42 days when asked by NBC News to explain Trump’s comments.

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Sanders, who was referring to the recent controversy surrounding Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, continued by bringing the hot button and unrelated issue of abortion into the conversation.  

“Look, I think that the real shame in all of this is that Democrats are perfectly capable of coming together and agreeing on the fact that they’re comfortable ripping babies straight from a mother’s womb or killing a baby after birth, but they have a hard time condemning the type of comments from Congresswoman Omar,” said Sanders.  

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CNN's Acosta then asked about Trump's responsibility in elevating the national dialouge and to tell the the truth about his political opponents. 

“You’re saying something that’s just patently untrue,” Acosta said. “Democrats don’t hate Jewish people. That’s just silly. It’s not true.”

Sanders responded, “I think they should call out their members by name and we’ve made that clear.”

Sanders ended by saying, “The president has been clear on what his position is, certainly what his support is for the people and the community of Israel.”