Chats Show Neo-Nazis Celebrated Brutal Murder of Gay Jewish College Student

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ProPublica obtained chat logs capturing the members and aims of Atomwaffen Division, a notorious white supremacist group.
Image from ProPublica video documenting obtained chat logs capturing the members and aims of Atomwaffen Division, a notorious white supremacist group.Credit: Screen shot
The Forward
Avichai Scher

The man accused of murdering Blaze Bernstein exchanged racist and anti-Semitic messages with members of a neo-Nazi militia group, according to a new report from ProPublica..

ProPublica obtained 250,000 encrypted messages sent over Discord, an online chat service, from Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi extremist group.

This undated file photo provided by the Orange County Sheriff's Department shows Blaze Bernstein.Credit: AP

The messages reveal the group celebrating the January stabbing murder of Bernstein in January), allegedly by Sam Woodward, an Atomwaffen member who had received military training from the group.

Inside the Secret Chat Logs of American NazisCredit: ProRepublica

One referred to Woodward, a high school classmate of Bernstein, as a “one man gay Jew wrecking crew,” and another one saying of the killing, “I love this.”

Woodward attended training outside San Antonio, Texas including firearms, survival and weapons instruction. Propaganda videos reveal that other training sessions included members shouting, “gas the kikes, race war now!”

Sam Woodward, the alleged killer of Blaze Bernstein, with members of Atomwaffen, violent neo-Nazi organization in Texas this past summerCredit: Twitter / ACinvestigates

Woodward’s messages in the chat service were sometimes benign things like video games, TV shows, and not having a girlfriend, but also included angry messages about “mongrels and jews” and gays.

In the days after Bernstein’s death however, the tone of his messages changed.

“hey everyone,” he wrote. “i just wanted to let you all know i love you so much."

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