Possible Trump Attacked Syria to Distract From 'Collusion With Russia,' Says California Rep.

'If you're facing possible collusion with Putin, you might just want to distract people,' says Ted Lieu, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

California Congressman Ted Lieu on HBO's 'Real Time with Bill Maher.'
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On the latest episode of HBO's "Real Time with host Bill Maher," California Congressman Ted Lieu ripped into Donald Trump's missile strikes in Syria that followed a deadly chemical attack by the Assad regime.  The Congressman who sits on United States House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Middle East and North Africa floated delved into what sounded like conspiracy theory as to why Trump ordered the missile strike. 

"If you're facing possible collusion with Putin, you might just want to distract people," Lieu said in response to a Maher asking, "How does the fact that he went up against Russia, Donald Trump, fit in with the liberal idea that he was installed by Putin as a stooge to do whatever Putin wanted?" 

"This is a pretty big distraction," the Congressman continued.

"That's what you think this is?" Maher asked. "I'm just asking. It may be."

"It may be, we don't know. I've learned to not predict Donald Trump," Lieu said.

"What he did was not only unconstitutional, there's no strategy," Lieu said. "We don't know what we're doing in Syria, how long we're going to be there. He's got U.S. ground forces there now that are more at risk of being attacked because he just attacked Assad. He has to tell the America people what we're doing in Syria, he has not done that."

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