Jewish Breitbart Editor Debates Rising anti-Semitism, Bannon and Trump on 'The View'

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Senior editor-at-large for Breitbart News, Joel Pollack, got into a heated debate with Joy Behar on ABC's 'The View.'
Senior editor-at-large for Breitbart News, Joel Pollack, got into a heated debate with Joy Behar on ABC's 'The View.'Credit: Screen grab

Senior editor-at-large for Breitbart News, Joel Pollak, appeared on ABC’s “The View” to pitch his new book, but instead ended up in a heated debate with host Joy Behar about whether or not Steven Bannon and Breitbart as a whole are anti-Semitic

Behar immediately jumped into the conversation, asking Pollak, “Breitbart, the website, has been described as a platform for the alt-right or some say white supremacists. How would you describe it?”

Pollak answered, “Breitbart News is a conservative website and we have a very diverse group of editors and writers. I’m the orthodox Jewish former editor-in-chief, senior editor-at-large. So not exactly an accurate description. We call that fake news.”

Breitbart Senior Editor Joel Pollak On Bannon's Relationship with TrumpCredit: The View

Behar, clearly upset with the accusation of “fake news,” shot back, “How do you explain this headline, ‘Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew,’ You’re Jewish.”

“It was written by David Horowitz, who is one of the most prominent Jewish conservatives,” answered Pollak. “He was criticizing Bill Kristol for not being Jewish enough, so it was the opposite of what people described. And we have more than a dozen Jewish people working at Breitbart including the CEO, COO.”

Behar went on to press Pollak on the rise of anti-Semitism in the U.S. since Donald Trump stepped onto the political scene.  Pollak responded, arguing that rising anti-Semitism is not a new phenomenon, but one that has been increasing over a long period of time -what’s new is the news media paying attention to it that has changed.

“California where I live, on college campuses, there’s been a rising tide of anti-Semitism linked to far left-wing criticism of Israel. It’s very tough to be a Jewish student on some of these campuses nowadays,” argued Pollak.

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