Next 'Ivanka Is Replacing Melania:' Bill Maher Rips Into Trump White House Shake-ups

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Monologue: The Trump Temp Agency | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Image from Bill Maher's monologue, titled, "The Trump Temp Agency"Credit: Screen shot

Bill Maher slammed Donald Trump’s recent week of shake-ups and legal missteps during his opening monologue on his political satire show “Real Time” on Friday night. Maher later learned of the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe live during the program. Maher was criticized after the program aired for his harsh criticism of Donald Trump, Jr.’s divorce - a topic which political pundits and commentators usually shy away from.

“Even Trump wives are starting to leave,” Maher joked. “Don Jr.’s wife, did you see this? Yes, Donny Fuckface, his wife filed for divorce. She’s citing ‘irreconcilable douchiness.’ Says she wants to see other creeps. No, but it’s sad. We don’t know why they broke up—you never really know with a couple. But I’m gonna go with Hope Hicks! I’m just kidding.”

Monologue: The Trump Temp Agency | Real Time with Bill MaherCredit: HBO

“Rex [Tillerson] was replaced at State by the CIA director Mike Pompeo, and the new top deputy at State is Heather Nauert, who used to be on Fox & Friends, and Gary Cohn, who got shit-canned last week as the chief economic adviser is being replaced by Larry Kudlow, who Trump watches on CNBC. You see the pattern here? Next week, he’s replacing Jeff Sessions with Matlock. It’s just who he sees on TV!” said Maher.

“And that’s not all!” he continued. “The people who remain, they just switch the jobs. The CIA director is replacing the secretary of state, and it looks like the energy secretary is going to be replacing the VA secretary, and he wants the EPA head to be replacing the attorney general, and Ivanka is replacing Melania. But other than that, there’s no turnover! Trump, he’s not running a government, he’s running a temp agency!”

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