Bill Maher: It Doesn't Take Courage for a Liberal to Punch a Nazi, That's Not Freedom of Speech

'You have to go by principles, just not how you feel'

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Host of HBO's "Real Time," Bill Maher, slammed liberals for their misguided interpretation of freedom pf speech on the latest episode of his highly rated politcal satire program.  Speaking with panelists Tom Morello, April Ryan and John Heilemann, Maher discussed the First Amendment and the "courage" it takes to actually call out racists.

Maher argued that liberals who are suddenly quick to violence or have knee jerk reactions to anything that offends them are stooping just as low what they are trying to fight against. "You have to go by principles, just not how you feel," said Maher.

"I'm just asking this because last week we did a new rule about this guy who is dressed up as a Nazi in Seattle. He may really be a Nazi or he may be a crazy person and maybe there's not a big difference. But, you know, when people saw him there on the bus it went around the internet and some good Samaritan according to some people went up and punched him out and it got a lot of rave by liberals," continued Maher.

"This is what bothers me about liberals," Maher said. "There are no Nazis throwing Jews in the ovens now, in America. This thing about doing something that looks like it takes courage and it doesn't."

Punching Nazis | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)Credit: HBO