Bill Maher Is Back and He Did Not Enjoy Trump's Inauguration

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Bill Maher host of 'Real Time' discusses the inauguration of Donald Trump.
Bill Maher host of 'Real Time' discusses the inauguration of Donald Trump.Credit: Screen grab

Bill Maher is back with his long running show "Real Time" for the first time since Donald Trump was elected U.S. president. On what was also the comedian's 61st birthday, Maher lamented Trump's inauguration, "What does every kid want for his birthday? A clown!"

“It happened. It really happened,” Maher said in his opening monologue. “We Americans have a new leader: Vladimir Putin.”

Credit: HBO

Maher has been a longtime critic of Trump and has even been sued by the now President of the United States for having inisisted live on-air that Trump was the love child of an orangutan. When asked about Trump's recent war on the media by the New York Times in a recent interview, Maher showed concern about Trump's unpredictability. “No one knows what this man is capable of. I never, ever, ever felt worried — it never crossed my mind — that George Bush would do something crazy, even though I knew he hated me. He never sued me for a joke.”

Despite that concern, Maher showed no sign of letting up on Trump. "Raise your right pussy-grabber,” he joked that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts told Trump before taking the oath of office. Maher skewer the ceremony itself saying that the billing of the inauguration by its orchestrators as “classy, uplifting and unifying,” was laughable as it was a completely “joyless, ugly and divisive" affair.