Bill Maher Grills Roger Stone Over Trump-Russia Ties, Then They Share a 'Marijuana Cake'

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In these extremely polarizing times, HBO host and fierce critic of Donald Trump, Bill Maher, and former Trump campaign adviser and close friend Roger Stone found some rare common ground over the weekend - marijuana. 

“There’s an issue we agree on, marijuana. You think Jeff Sessions is wrong ... to be such a hard-ass on marijuana. Is that because you yourself are a Roger Stoner?" Maher joked towards the end of his interview with Stone.

“Only when I’m in the states where it’s legal," Stone replied. "Candidate Trump said we should let the states decide. He was absolutely right."

Roger Stone: Trump's Albino AssassinCredit: HBO

Despite the niceties surrounding marijuana, the interview can only be described as heated, with Maher kicking it off introducing Stone as a “longtime confidante” and the “Albino Assassin” of President Trump

Maher's first question to Stone was a harsh indictment of the Trump administration, "It looks like Donald Trump and his crime family were installed by Russia to loot and destroy America, as a longtime Republican, lifelong Republican who cut his teeth working for Richard Nixon, quite a cold warrior, does it give you any sort of unease that we are so in touch with the evil empire?"

To which Stone shot back, that "it all boils down to whether or not we want to go to war over Syria." Maher replied insisting that "Muddy Waters" must be Stone's favorite band and tried to focus the interview back on the current investigation facing the Trump administration.

"Both Dick Cheney, not exactly a liberal, and John McCain, same thing, have, both said this hacking [allegedly by Russia] of our election would be considered ‘an act of war,’” said Maher.

“If we had some evidence or proof of it,” Stone replied. “Right now, what we have is inference.”

“Let’s talk about Michael Flynn,” said Maher. “He says he has a story to tell. Tell me a story: what is the story? What do you think his story is?”

“I have no idea, but here’s what I do know: I am not asking for immunity,” Stone replied. “I was maligned by a number of members of the committee who said things that were patently false, and in a free society I should have a chance to respond in the same forum. And I don’t need a subpoena, I don’t need immunity, but I want it to be in public, not behind closed doors. Let’s go, I’m ready!”

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