Anti-radical Muslim Activist to Bill Maher: 'Well Meaning Liberals' Silence Me From Criticizing Islam

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Anti-radical Muslim activist to Bill Maher: 'Well meaning liberals' silence me from criticizing Islam
Anti-radical Muslim activist to Bill Maher: 'Well meaning liberals' silence me from criticizing Islam. Pictured: Maajid NawazCredit: Screen grab

Bill Maher once more made headlines on the most recent episode of his HBO show "Real Time." The controversial political satirist took the Democrats to task in a disparaging monologue Friday night, blaming the Democratic party for Ossoff’s defeat in Tuesday's special election in Georgia and raised many eyebrows while interviewing anti-radical Muslim activist Maajid Nawaz.

“The Democrats poured a ton of time and money into [the Ossoff] election, and he came so close. Party leaders are calling it a terrifying brush with success!”

Monologue: Make America Sick Again | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

“You know this: Donald Trump is the worst person ever, and he’s a Republican and he’s president, and yet, since he’s been president there’s been four special elections. Democrats: 0-4 in the Trump era,” Maher joked. “Democrats are so lame that the Russians were like, ‘We were going to hack this election, but why bother?’” 

“Folks, I have to tell you: Democrats have to stop losing elections because—sorry, Republican viewers, I love ya—but the wrong people are in power. And they are not afraid to use that power," Maher continued.

Later in the episode, Maher sat down with British politician and activist Maajid Nawaz, who is currently suing the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for naming his think tank the Quilliam Foundation a "hate group." 

Naway questioned why he "doesn't have the right to criticize his own religion" arguing that liberals are "supposedly pro-gay rights but are hesitant to point out conservative Muslim hatred of gays."

Maajid Nawaz Interview | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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