Bill Maher and Breitbart Editor Debate Hitler Comparisons in the Trump Era

Maher discusses topics ranging from Megyn Kelly's controversial Alex Jones interview to a Trump look-alike being stabbed in 'Julius Caesar,' to the use of Hitler comparisons in the news media

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Bill and his guests - Alex Marlow, Ian Bremmer, Malcolm Nance and Eddie Izzard - answer viewer questions after the show.
Bill Maher and Breitbart editor debate Hitler comparisons in the Trump eraCredit: Screen grab

Bill Maher and his late-night political HBO show "Real Time" have been the center of much controversy lately, with his recent use of the N-word and his long-standing propensity for pushing boundaries.

Friday night's episode was no different, with Maher interviewing a senior editor at Breitbart News on topics ranging from Megyn Kelly's controversial interview with "InfoWars" host Alex Jones to a Trump look-alike being stabbed in a new production of "Julius Caesar," to the use of Hitler comparisons in the news media.

Maher immediately came under fire for his "kind" handling of Senior Breitbart Editor Alex Marlow, while denouncing critics of Megyn Kelly.

Pee Tape, Fake News, Death Threats | Overtime with Bill MaherCredit: HBO

“We have to learn how to deal with these people," insisted Maher. “The Huffington Post wouldn’t even cover Donald Trump – and look how well that turned out,” Maher joked. 

Later in the program, Malcolm Nance – a retired U.S. Navy officer and best-selling counterterrorism expert – confronted Marlow over what he claimed was a Breitbart article that falsely accused him of supporting attacks on Trump Tower.

“I got 31 death threats and that came from your website. You going to apologize to me? I’m sorry to say I spent decades hunting terrorists, so that’s fake as hell. Your followers threatened my family, my children, my wife. You can apologize to me now.”

Marlow shot back, “Are you really suggesting that Breitbart doesn’t get death threats?” 

As the heated exchange continued, Marlow accused Nance of calling a Trump official “Goebbels.” Nance immediately corrected Marlow, saying, “I called him Baby Goebbels.”

The exchange prompted a debate between Maher and the other panelists, which included British comedian Eddie Izzard and political scientist Ian Bremmer, as to whether or not Hitler comparisons are appropriate or useful when criticizing the Trump administration. Maher mostly defended the comparisons, suggesting, "This is a historical entity, which can't be entirely off bounds."

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