'Who Is America?' Sacha Baron Cohen Gets Former Trump Campaign Manager to Defend neo-Nazis

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Sacha Baron Cohen and Corey Lewandowski on the latest episode of "Who is America?"
Sacha Baron Cohen and Corey Lewandowski on the latest episode of "Who is America?"Credit: Screen grab

Sacha Baron Cohen returned Sunday night for another round of mockery on his Showtime show “Who is America?” His target this time was former 2016 Trump presidential campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Cohen posed as character Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., a far-right conspiracy theorist running the fictional Alex Jones-style, and managed to get Lewandowski to go along with the gag.

Lewandowski in June mocked a separated child immigrant with Down syndrome, saying “womp womp,” when hearing the story live on-air.

Cohen timed the interview to coincide with the anniversary of the Charlottesville riots and then U.S. President Donald Trump’s controversial statement defending some neo-Nazis as “good people.”

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“With Charlottesville, where people attacked our president, why should the president pick a side between anti-fascists and fascists?” asked Cohen’s Ruddick Jr.  

“There is a place and a time to disagree with people - everywhere. You don’t have to agree with people. You have to respect them and you can’t be attacking them,” Lewandowski responded.

“You can’t be attacking honest, fascist people that just want to express their right to start a genocide. That is their right!” Cohen’s character replied in a serious tone.

“Look, I don’t know about that, but what I do know is this: If the law says that people can do a peaceful protest, then they should be allowed to do that,” clarified Lewandowski.

Cohen also went after Trump supporter Sheriff David Clarke. Sheriff Clarke refused to take the bait despite Cohen’s best efforts.

“So if you were the sheriff in the ’30s in Germany and the anti-fascists were marching, the Antifa were marching, what would you have done to stop them?” asked Cohen.

“Well, you have to act aggressively,” said Sheriff Clarke, adding, “use force to disperse the crowd, arrest people, and take them to jail.”