Alex Jones Says Democrats Are Planning a July Fourth Second Civil War - Twitter Quickly Responds

#lettersfromthesecondcivilwar has been taking over Twitter

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump appears on the 4th of July edition of the Daily News newspaperCredit: Twitter

Alex Jones, the host of the right-wing, conspiracy theory internet show, "InfoWars," predicted that the Democrats were planning on starting a "Second Civil War" on July 4th, America’s Independence Day.

Jones is known for his frantic, hyperactive delivery of speeches, and wild conspiracy theories. Some of these theories include the one where 9/11 is a government operation, that Michelle Obama is really a man, and the one where the Pentagon has a bomb that’s “turning the frigging frogs gay.” Jones often calls for violence and threatens violence on his show.

He also has a very big fan in U.S. President Donald Trump, who did a skype interview with him during his presidential campaign. He told Jones: “You have a great reputation. I will not let you down.”

Naturally, left-leaning Twitter users responded in kind to Jones’ newest antics – with humor. Starting the trending hashtag #secondcivilwarletters, they write 140 character letters in the style of the 18th century war letters written home.