Georgia Lawmaker Resigns After Sacha Baron Cohen Got Him to Bare Buttocks, Say N-word

In an episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who is America', Israeli anti-terror expert Erran Morad met with Jason Spencer – a GOP state representative best known for trying to ban Muslim women from wearing face veils

Jason Spencer tackling an ISIS terrorist in the latest episode of "Who is America?," which aired on July 22, 2018.
Jason Spencer tackling an ISIS terrorist in the latest episode of "Who is America?," which aired on July 22, 2018.Credit: Screengrab from Showtime/YouTube

A Georgia state representative has submitted his resignation after baring his buttocks and saying the N-word on Sacha Baron Cohen's already-notorious "Who is America?", the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Under the guise of making a self-defense educational video, Sacha Baron Cohen's Israeli characteranti-terror expert character Col. Erran Morad (now a captain) met with Spencer – a Republican state representative in Georgia who is best known for trying to ban Muslim women from wearing burkas, niqabs and other face veils. (Spencer calls it his "anti-masking statute" in the video.)

"I was in ... I mean, I was not in the Mossad for 13 years," the black-clad Israeli says, explaining that he is going to teach Spencer the art of Krav Maga.

Except that never happens. Instead, Morad has Spencer take an upskirt photo of someone in a burka, to see whether the person is female or actually a terrorist, all while talking in "Chinese" – which means Spencer spouting words such as "Red Dragon, sushi, Ho Chi Minh," all with the straightest of faces.

Believe it or not, things get worse for Spencer. He screams the actual N-word a dozen times to intimidate a "terrorist" (he later doubles down on the N-word, telling "Sand n*****" he will cut their genitals off).

Believe it or not, things get even worse for Spencer. Morad tells him to use his buttocks "to intimidate ISIS" – something he is remarkably happy to do. He drops his trousers and backs into Morad's "terrorist" while screaming "America!"

Morad then counsels Spencer, "We say in the Mossad, I mean not in the Mossad, 'If you want to win, you show some skin,'" The elected Republican official then drops his boxers and displays his ass, backing into the "terrorist" while screaming, "I'll make you a homosexual.'"

At any other time in the history of the United States, this would feel like a defining moment. In the Trump administration, it just feels like Monday.

Jason Spencer awoke Monday to headlines such as "Who is Jason Spencer, the Unfortunate Star of Sacha Baron Cohen's Latest Show?" (New York Times), "Republican Lawmaker Screams N-Word, Brandishes Bare Butt On 'Who Is America?'" (HuffPost) and "In a Normal Country, Sacha Baron Cohen Would Have Just Ended This Republican Lawmaker's Career" (Esquire).

Before the segment aired, Spencer released a statement to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, saying that Baron Cohen had "fraudulently induced me in participating in bogus self-defense and anti-terrorism training.

"They exploited my state of mind for profit and notoriety," he said, adding, "This media company's deceptive and fraudulent behavior is exactly why President Donald Trump was elected."

Twitter was not the best place for Spencer to visit after "Who is America?" aired Sunday night. "Col. Erran Morad" himself tweeted, "I have been inform elected official & all-round mensch I meet, Jason Spencer, have somehow been portray in bad light by Showtime. To reveal the truth, here is the unedited film. Do not worry Jason Shpenker, Erran Morad have got your backside."

Other responses ranged from "Holy shit, Jason Spencer. Holy fucking shit," to "RIP Jason Spencer."



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