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Why ultra-Orthodox Trump-worshipping Mobs Are Attacking Fellow Jews in New York

Demagogues like Trump (and Netanyahu) have nothing in common with ultra-Orthodox Jews, but they tap into deep resentments and empower the community’s most charlatan politicians and opportunistic rabble-rousers

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The angry mob that violently attacked my friend and much-admired colleague Jacob Kornbluh in New York’s Borough Park on Wednesday night called him a "Nazi" and "Hitler." They also used a Yiddish slur which, if anything, has even worse connotations for anyone with a knowledge of Jewish history. 

They called Kornbluh - an indefatigable reporter for Jewish Insider who has been focusing in recent months on how his own ultra-Orthodox community has been openly flouting the public-distancing rules, aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 – a "moyser."