The Words That Kept Popping Up (And Those That Didn't) During Trump and Netanyahu's Press Conference

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U.S. President Donald Trump is known to have a penchant for certain words. “Terrific” is high up there. So is “sad.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is less an adjective sort of guy and more obsessed with big-theme words like “terror” and “Iran.”  So what words were used most in the inaugural joint White House press conference of these two leaders? Haaretz did a count, and here’s what we found:

Highlights From the Trump-Netanyahu Press ConferenceCredit:

1.    Deal – This one was by far a top pick. The author of “The Art of the Deal” (Netanyahu was generous enough to mention the book at one point) used this word 16 times. Netanyahu sufficed with four mentions.

2.    Peace – Judging from the number of times Netanyahu used this word – 17 to be precise – he might even be accused of leftist tendencies. The more somber U.S. president kept it down to nine.

3.    Two states – It wasn’t the most popular theme of the days, but it didn’t get ignored either. Netanyahu and Trump each referred twice to what had been the solution of choice for previous U.S. administrations to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

4.    Jews and Jewish – How could this one be avoided at an event hosting the leader of the Jewish state? Netanyahu made reference to his people and their religion nine times, while Trump sufficed with two. (How could we forget that he has a Jewish daughter and grandchildren?)

5.    Palestinians – They made not have been represented at the press conference, but their presence was certainly felt. Trump mentioned them five times, and Netanyahu four.

6.    Iran – If you thought Netanyahu had gotten over his obsession with Iran, think again. Iran and the Iranians were mentioned 11 times by him during the course of the press conference. Although he’s no big fan of the country either, Trump restrained himself, mentioning the Islamic Republic only four times.

7.    Radical Islam – Don’t get Netanyahu started on this one either. Three times, in the course of taking questions from reporters did he use this term. Trump mentioned it twice – but even that’s much more than his predecessor in the White House would have.

8.    Settlements – Considered by previous U.S. administrations to be a key obstacle to peace in the Middle East, the settlements hardly got mentioned during the press conference. Netanyahu made one reference to them, and Trump made two (including one gentle warning that Israel should not go wild when building in them).

9.    Terrorism – Once known as “Mr. Terrorism,” Netanyahu only made mention of the topic once. Trump referred to it twice.

There were also a few elephants in the room – some very loaded words and terms that received no mention whatsoever. Topping the list were “anti-Semitism,” “occupation” and “Holocaust”. To be fair, Trump did use the substitute term “genocide” to refer to the great tragedy the Jewish people suffered in the last century. His way of apologizing for forgetting to mention the Jews in his Holocaust Memorial Day statement?

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