Republican Campaign Ad Claims Iraq War Veteran Is 'Owned' by Jewish Billionaire George Soros

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Screen capture of the NRCC ad, October 18, 2018
Screen capture of the NRCC ad, October 18, 2018Credit: Youtube

WASHINGTON - A Republican campaign in the state of Minnesota is accusing an Iraq War veteran running for Congress of being “owned” by Jewish billionaire George Soros.

The new advertisement, which the National Republican Congressional Committee shared on Thursday, shows Democratic candidate Dan Feehan next to stacks of dollars and an image of Soros, a Jewish philanthropist originally from Hungary. 

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The advertisement states that Feehan, a first-time candidate who served in the U.S. Army in Iraq, is “owned” by Soros, and also charges Soros with “funding left wing protests” against U.S. President Donald Trump.

Soros, an 88 years old Holocaust survivor, has invested hundreds of millions of dollars over the past decades in support of human rights groups across the world. 

He has also contributed to political groups in the U.S. that oppose Trump’s policies on immigration and foreign affairs.

Two weeks ago, Trump claimed Soros had paid the women who protested against the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, an accusation that was deemed false by the Washington Post. The newspaper’s fact checkers debunked the claim, awarding it three “Pinocchios” on its lie-ranking system. 

Soros has been targeted by right-wing groups in different countries over the past years, with many of the campaigns against him having a clear anti-semitic tone, in which the Jewish billionaire is presented as a “master puppeteer” who controls politicians and activists.

The most brazen campaign against Soros was waged by Hungary strongman, Viktor Orban, leading to denunciations from the country’s local Jewish community and from leading Jewish-American organizations.

In February, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Soros of funding a campaign of protest against Israel's plan to deport thousands of African asylum seekers.

A few months prior, Netanyahu's son, Yair, posted an image on his Facebook page that seemed to suggest a conspiracy is behind his family’s growing legal problems. The meme was laden with anti-Semitic imagery, and included Soros.

The cartoon received praise from former KKK grand Wizard David Duke and the neo-Nazi message board, The Daily Stormer, which called Netanyahu "a total bro." The prime minister's son later removed the image following public outcry.

The NRCC ad featuring Soros, stacks of money and Democratic candidate Dan Feehan is airing in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional district. Feehan, who in addition to his military service worked at the Pentagon and as a school teacher, is running against Republican Jim Hagedorn, in a race to fill the open seat of Tim Waltz, a Democrat who is currently running for governor of Minnesota. The seat is considered a toss-up.

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