Rep. Elissa Slotkin Calls Capitol Violence 'Generational Event' Ushering in New National Security Era

Despite previously stressing the importance of bipartisanship, Slotkin says she will vote in favor of legislation urging Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment

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Rep. Elissa Slotkin speaks at the passage of the bipartisan emergency COVID-19 relief bill in a press conference outside the US Capitol on December 21, 2020 in Washington, DC.
Rep. Elissa Slotkin speaks at the passage of the bipartisan emergency COVID-19 relief bill in a press conference outside the US Capitol on December 21, 2020 in Washington, DC. Credit: Cheriss May / AFP
Ben Samuels
Ben Samuels

WASHINGTON - Rep. Elissa Slotkin, a Jewish Democratic Congresswoman from Michigan, said Tuesday that she will vote in favor of legislation urging U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment - which allows for the removal of the president if he is unfit or unwell - as well as impeaching U.S. President Donald Trump for his role in inciting last week's violence at the Capitol.

Addressing a virtual town hall made up of her constituents, the second-term Congresswoman said that "I really think as a national security professional that what happened last week was a generational event, and it really kicked off a very different era in our national security," adding that "I believe now, the greatest threat to American national security is the division between us."

Slotkin's virtual town hall preceded Pence's letter to House of Representatitves Speaker Nancy Pelosi stating that he is opposed to invoking the 25th Amendment, saying that "I do not believe that such a course of action is in the best interest of our Nation or consistent with our Constitution."

Slotkin, who served three tours in Iraq alongside the military while acting as a CIA analyst, said that the violence at the Capitol met the definition of an insurrection and terrorism.

She credited her national security background to helping her both manage the initial moments of the riots and request immediate National Guard backup from her preexisting relationships with senior leadership at the Pentagon.

"I worked on preventing terrorist attacks my entire adult life because I happened to be in New York City on 9/11," Slotkin said. "I believe the folks who came through the doors, trying to disrupt the certification election were attempting to unlawfully use violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims."

"As someone who has taken the oath to protect and defend the Constitution over and over in my life in the CIA, at the Pentagon and now in my life as a Congresswoman this really struck me to my core. I believe the President has violated that same oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," she added.

Slotkin was the last of the 25 Jewish Democrats serving in the House of Representatives to publicly support impeachment over last week's events, and was among the last of the Democrats in the House to do so.

Slotkin is from a Trump-friendly district, and has previously stressed the importance of bipartisanship as key to electoral success. She has previously said her commitment to reaching across the aisle extended to defending Jews from what she called a “precipitous rise” in anti-Semitism. 

“When we have a four-fold increase in violent anti-Semitic attacks, people being killed in Poway and Pittsburgh, when cemeteries are being abused and there are increasing threats to institutions, it’s important we come together in a bipartisan way and are concerned about each and every incident of anti-Semitism, of white supremacy,” she previously told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “Where people are trying to split Americans from each other I want there desperately to be bipartisanship.”

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