Israeli UN Envoy Says Partnership With U.S. to Persist Regardless of Election Result

Addressing fears of riots and violence in New York City on Election Day, Gilad Erdan, a former public security minister, says he would've resorted to barricading stores there

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Israel's Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan, October 2019.
Israel's Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan, October 2019. Credit: Mark Neiman/GPO

Israel's Ambassador to the United Nation Gilad Erdan said Wednesday that Jerusalem would continue coordinating its moves and maintain full cooperation with the United States regardless of the 2020 presidential election.     

Speaking in an interview with Israeli army radio, Erdan said Israel would "coordinate and cooperate with whatever administration that is elected, because it is a strategic partnership. Israel is an island of stability in the Middle East for the United States."

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He added that the United States has great interest to preserve this partnership. "Israel's citizens can be calm, this partnership will persist," he said adding that he is expected to speak at the UN later on Wednesday.   

Addressing fears of riots and violence in New York on Election Day, Erdan said he would resort to boarding up stores there.

Erdan said "I believe I would barricade if i was a business owner. New York City is very prepared. Stores are being boarded up with wooden plates and police are on extremely high alert ahead of what is to come."

The envoy added that he "hopes that the UN headquarters and New York City will be able to function in the coming days," despite expected unrest.

Asked whether he thinks the election would lead to the deepening of social rifts in the United States, Erdan replied: "I really hope not. There are demographic trends that deepen the rifts and divisions regardless of which administration is in power the United States.  

"I really hope that now that Election Day is behind us, everyone will truly understand the importance of law and order," Erdan said. 

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